Heating Maintenance

Building contractors in Salisbury, Wiltshire

W Mundy Building SalisburyW. Mundy Building is a highly respected local building firm in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Through W. Mundy Maintain, we provide can look after and fix any heating system problems that you may experience.

We all have heating systems, be it gas, oil or electric. It is likely, and recommended, that these systems will require maintenance. W. Mundy Property Maintenance can help with any heating issues that may arise and can also install new heating systems that are required for any new or existing projects.

Some of the most common problem areas for heating systems are thermostat malfunctions, air flow issues, dirty or clogged filters, ignition problems and a lack of maintenance. W. Mundy Property Maintenance can take the hassle out of one of our most essential home comforts.

With energy costs on the rise it’s essential to have the correct and most efficient heating solution for your property. W. Mundy Maintain can assess the most appropriate option for you and talk you through any potential cost savings. Not only can this potential save you money on your energy bills but it was also increase the efficiency of the heating in your home.

For gas heating systems, carbon monoxide tests are a must for safety purposes and with W. Mundy Property Maintenance you can rest assured that all gas engineers are registered as Gas Safe.

W. Mundy Building service the areas of Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.